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Liel Denir is a graduate of Studio 6B , school ofinterior design professions in Tel Aviv.


Liel was always passionate about art, therefore naturally found herself in the design world.

She has a unique designing approach that was influenced by the different cultures and places shes has lived and worked in.


Her work starts from the initial stage of selecting the project's concept to the very last stage of the final details. It includes, planning of the architectural program and production of detailed work plans, furniture design and home styling, management of tenders in frotn of professionals and supervising the work until the end of the project.

A full proccess from A to Z hand in hand with the client.


Her Philosophy:

"Design is like a dialog.

A dialog between place, time and people...

My greatest challenge as a designer is to be precise with my clients' wishes... be able to execute their dreams and needs and translate them into reality, by creating the perfect space for them that will grant them with happiness and inspiration every moment of time".


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